First for all, I’m sorry for not posting in a while. Age Of Empires II : Definitive edition has recently included a word filter for any messages typed in chat. Previously, it also included a filter for lobby names. However, a few days ago, they included a word filter that censors the entire sentence in case it detects an ‘offensive’ word. I’ve personally tested the word filter to find the words it considers offensive.

Here’s a list of words or sentences the word filter finds offensive and therefore, ends up censoring the entire message:

penis, vagina, thot, slut, whore, hoe, cunt, curry muncher, nigger, negro, bitch, cracker, scrotum, vagene, rapist, rape, bitch, chink, testicles, foreskin, twat, paedophile, paki, towel head, clit, clitoris, balls, kurwa, faggot, retard, nutsack, honky, honkie, bastard, niger, n1gger, negr, f@ggot, faggit, f@gg0t, prostitute,  retard, harlot, concubine, urine.

As we can see above, not all of the words are even necessarily offensive. Terms like penis and vagina are medical terms.

Apart from this, it also causes a small pause between the time I press enter to send the message and the time it appears on the screen. It has also caused the AI messages to be censored and words like ‘bastard’ and ‘concubine’ have existed in the campaigns for years (Either in the intro before the campaign or AI texts). This filter is much worse than that of games like Rainbow Six Siege.

Seriously, developers? Are you guys so fucking stupid that you censor even basic medical terminology and words like rape?